We offer peace of mind

by simplifying and coordinating our clients' advisory teams.

The WBG Team

Our Services

Business Continuity

Our business succession and continuity services are founded on our belief that business owners make good decisions when they know all their options. We are your strongest advocates for your family and shareholders.

Investment Management

Our investment management services are available to our business continuity clients and to individuals, families, and institutions on a standalone basis. We are active, fundamental investors who believe that controlling costs has a huge impact on long-term returns.

Investment Management

A powerful idea

Our investment management approach is based on a simple truism: The lower your fees, the more money you keep. By working with investments you can understand, using lower-cost, institutionally-priced vehicles with no conflicts of interest, we can better preserve and enhance your wealth.

Our difference

We're fiduciaries
We offer only third-party products
We're transparent
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Case Studies

Three clients, three solutions
Streamlining and cutting costs

This national, not-for-profit organization had worked with a local advisory firm for years.

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Reducing fees and improving tax efficiency

This client owned a number of individual stocks and, on his own, hired a number of individual money managers.

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What's right for the business

Twenty years prior to our initial meeting with the company founders (husband and wife), they had placed 1/3 of…

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Lowering your investment management fees
can have a huge impact on preserving and enhancing your wealth.

Let us show you how.

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