Business Continuity

Our Approach

Shareholder Advocates

Since 1992, entrepreneurs and business operators have relied on us to help them discover and
 identify the path to business succession and continuity that benefits all shareholders.


In our experience, business owners know what they don’t want. But they’re often not sure what they do want.

We are experts at opening the lines of communication facilitating productive discussions about objectives and goals— the first step in developing a client’s business continuity plan.

Beyond taxes

Unlike CPAs, who tend to focus on narrower tax issues and refer to tax code, we take a broader view of our clients’ succession options, and explain them in plain English.

By keeping our clients focused on the big picture—fairness to all shareholders— we help them see the forest, not just individual trees.

Peer to peer

We harness the excellent decision-making capabilities of our clients by identifying what we believe are the best options and laying them out very clearly.

All the while, we are advocates where our clients need us most: for their business and its shareholders.