Investment Management

Our Approach

Independent since 1992

We’ve been fee-only advisors since our founding, offering institutionally-priced
investments. And we’re different from many wealth advisory firms—in ways we believe should be very important to you.

We’re fiduciaries.

Many advisory firms only have to recommend investments they have a reasonable basis to believe are suitable for you.

As fiduciaries, we are required by law to act solely in our clients’ best interests. It’s the highest standard of ethics in our profession.

We’re non-proprietary.

Advisory firms typically offer investment products that are managed in-house, which could introduce a conflict of interest.

We offer access to top mutual fund and institutional money managers through our own research. We offer only third-party products and do not sell proprietary products. Period.

We’re transparent.

Unclear reporting and hidden fee arrangements often make it difficult for investors to know their investment costs.

We are completely transparent with regard to our fees. Our clients know exactly what our services cost.