BJ Webster

Managing Director, Founding Partner
Experience: 29 years
With WBG: 24 years

BJ has over 29 years of experience constructing and managing investment portfolios for the firm’s clients. He started his financial services career with CIGNA Individual Financial Services in King of Prussia, PA. The advisory services and financial planning industries are full of CIGNA alumni – the training in the areas of asset allocation and portfolio construction in the late 1980s was renowned in the industry and provided the foundation for the WBG approach to investing and client service. Immediately prior to starting the Wharton Business Group in 1992, BJ worked at Kistler-Tiffany Companies in Wayne, PA with the other founders of the firm.

BJ firmly believes that the unbiased, low-cost approach to investing the firm has developed over time is both unique and necessary in today’s world of proprietary products and high-cost investing. The WBG approach, he believes, gives clients their best chance for long-term success.

Born in Delaware, BJ was raised in Florida and graduated from the University of Delaware in 1985. He lives in Gainesville, Florida with his wife Jamie. They are actively immersed in the lives of Jamie’s three adult children and are expecting their first grandchild this year. BJ and Jamie are very involved and supportive of many local Gainesville charities and community service organizations.


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