Matt Delaney

Experience: 22 years
With WBG: 18 years

Matt left the bright lights of law and politics and Merrill Lynch in October, 1997 to join his friend, BJ Webster, in the professional pursuit of providing unbiased, low cost, unleveraged and transparent advice to individual investors and the charitable organizations they serve.

His small town, personal approach has its roots from early career choices in distribution (newspapers), services (lawn mowing) and concierge (valet parking).

A 1988 graduate of Penn State University and 1992 graduate of Duquesne University Law School, Matt works with clients he has known his entire life in addition to the individuals and organizations they refer.

Matt lives in Wayne PA with his wife and four children. FUN is a constant pursuit! As well as service on the Boards of Michael’s Way and Kase’s Corner.

He welcomes inquiry and discussion on an endless array of opportunity! And can always be reached at 610-574-1515.

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